2023 EEWC Calendar

For 2023 we put the track choice to a vote. One vote amongst the teams and drivers, and another vote for the fans. The audience of fans is heavily skewed towards North American tracks simply because the majority of the fan base is from the USA. So you will see four tracks in the calendar […]

GTR24H Channel on Roku

Do you have a Roku device? Great news, because then you can add the GTR24H channel. You will need either a Roku Player stick, or the Roku app on a smart TV. Some TCL and Hisense TVs even come with the Roku OS. Create a Roku account and add the GTR24H channel to your channels. […]

TCL Channel brings in GTR24H Channel to TV content

TCL Channel is so far the largest digital media platform for GTR24H. Their Google Play app has more than five million downloads. TCL Channel is the digital media arm of TCL Technology Group Corporation, a Guangdong Province-based electronics manufacturer in China. Consumer goods like televisions, mobile phones, air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, and small electrical […]

Worlds First NFT Powered Streaming Service rad.live Adds GTR24H Channel

Rad is redefining the global streaming for the modern era with NFTs, on-demand, live events, and TV featuring the biggest content creators and studios in the world; all powered by future foundational technologies like blockchain and XR. Discover the best in Music, Movies & TV, Comedy, Sports, Gaming and more or on demand, live, 180°, […]

Streaming and TV Giant Viva Entertainment Group, Inc. Adds GTR24H Channel

Viva Entertainment Group, Inc. runs the OTT solution VivaLiveTV and counts its users and viewers in the millions worldwide. VIVA Entertainment Group, Inc. is a global entertainment and technology company connecting content owners and video distributors to deliver premium content on any smart device with a screen. VIVA is a Service Provider With an OTT […]

CarbonTV launch GTR24H Channel

CarbonTV is not like most OTT and VOD services. They are the premier online video destination for premium outdoor-themed shows and engaging personalities. They are focused on hunting and the great outdoors. But among their live channels, you will find a few sports, and esports channels as well. CarbonTV offers video clips and episodes as […]

GTR24H joins OTT startup OneHubTV

ONEHUBTV is a unique global OTT video streaming platform that not only showcases a wide and exciting variety of international streaming linear TV channels and on-demand video content. It also offers unlimited audience-growth opportunities to content owners looking for a very cost-effective solution to broadcast and monetise their content on a global scale. “ONEHUBTV offers […]

Ayozat Adds GTR24H Channel

Ayozat is best defined as a media company for traditional TV and streaming OTT. That mould is very limiting though. After a closer look, you might call it a multi-faceted technology company in media, data, analytics, blockchain, AI, and security. Ayozat started from forays into multiple technological and entrepreneurial fronts including security, finance, and gaming. […]

Herogo Partnership Is a Blazing Succes

GTR24H has had its content channel on Herogo for some weeks and it’s clear that the impact of the free streaming platform is being felt. The current contract involves recorded content of all GTR24H races being streamed worldwide constantly 24/7 and we hope to be able to expand that contract to involve live content as […]

Mometu launches GTR24H fastchannel

For the past couple of months GTR24H has been working hard behind the scenes to add our content to multiple FastChannel networks in both United States, Asia and Europe – so far you have been able to find our content on Xiaomi, FreeCast Inc, Film Volt Group, Herogo TV- Go Stream, Select-TV, NBC Universal Local […]