São Paulo Qualifying Result

Qualifying proved to be a frantic affair. And especially for the GTE and GT3 cars, the pole position was hotly contested. On several occasions in both Q1 and Q2, the DIS SR Lab Porsche set the fastest lap, only to be outdone by other cars. In Q2 the #74 Deuces Motorsport Club Aston Martin stayed […]

Axle Sports joins the EEWC

Axle Sports was founded by Alex Yoong in 2008 and is also one of Asia’s oldest Simracing teams. Alex Yoong is also known as Malaysia’s premier Formula One driver and three times Audi R8 LMS Cup winner. Axle Sports is highly experienced in Endurance Simracing and has been part of the Simracing communities for years […]

12 Hours of Monza Special – The Event and results

The 12 hours of Monza Special is in the Box – The purpose of the entire event was to create a summer event for Simracers to enjoy and of course find and solve issues that might be thrown at us. The second purpose for us was also to get a better overview of the future […]

12 hours of Monza Special – Race Report 1

The first 4 hours of Monza Special have been showing great action,  overtakes, and some really good entertainment for the viewers. Throughout the first couple of Hours – the 64 Satellite car, 74 Deuces MotorSport, and 33 Mugen Simracing was battling it out at the track for the position – but hardware failures, incidents, and […]