Asetek SimSport joins the EEWC LeMans season finale and 2022 season

Asetek SimSports is a newly founded company, which is heavily involved in producing sim racing peripherals including Pedals, upcoming wheelbases, and wheels – is now joining the Endurance eRacing World Championship series as a team. The Asetek eSport team holds names such as Valdemar Eriksen, Andi Kurtsen, Largim Ali and Thomas Vilhemsen – who all […]

Swiss Team Adrenaline joins the EEWC for Le Mans and EEWC 2022

The newly launch Simracing team – Team Adrenaline which has its origin based out of Switzerland and consists of drivers from Latvia, Switzerland, and Germany will be joined the EEWC LeMans 2021 Finale event and 2022 Season. The team boss Arturas Masaitis tells us they will be joining the DPI class and basically want to […]