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Sim Racing is growing as an eSport, but established brands and organisations are failing and not generating revenue. To have an effective partnership in virtual racing requires a partnership that generates revenue.

GTR24H Has A Unique Strategy

Built on 16 years of experience and modelled from other successful esports genres and businesses. A unique approach to generating revenue and turning sim racing from a hobby into a professional eSport.

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Sim Racing is Growing ... Everywhere

Around the world, the sport has many names ranging from esports racing to virtual racing and sim racing. The sport is most popular in western developed countries but doesn’t see the massive concentration on rich countries as real-life motorsport does.

The common fact though, is that the interest has more than doubled in the last five years.

Google reports the term “sim racing” is searched 301.000 times per month and is up 50% during the last 12 months. That means at least half a million monthly searches for content within the genre.

Sim Racing broke into the public media in 2020 with the real-life actual Le Mans race being replaced with a virtual replacement. This cultivated the interest in the sport and changed it forever.

This means a new sport is being born and with it the virtual racing stars of tomorrow. Who will they be, and where will they come from?

GTR24H Audience Market Affiniation

GTR24H Audience Gender

GTR24H Audience Age

Fast-Channel Network

The future of lean-back entertainment

For the first time, streaming viewership surpassed cable and broadcast to capture the largest share of TV viewing in July 2022, according to the latest Nielsen report.

The data revealed streaming among American TV households accounted for a record 34.8% share of total consumption – an increase of 22.6% compared to July 2021 – ahead of cable TV (34.4%) and broadcast TV (21.6%). While streaming usage has surpassed broadcast before, this is the first time it has also exceeded cable.


500,000 unique viewers

ESTV brings the GTR24H races to hundreds of thousands of viewers on a global scale.

A weekend of 24-hour racing reaches half a million unique viewers with viewer retention of 15+ minutes on average. During a live broadcast of an entire 24-hour race weekend from Official Practice to race end, we experience more than 10 million minutes watched.

GTR24H And

Reach of 100 million european viewers

MOTORVISION is one of the worlds largest motorsport media outlets. MOTORVISION GROUP is one of Europe’s leading creators and producers of automotive-themed television programming.

MOTORVISION is available worldwide with the MOTORVISION.TV app for both Android and the Apple iPhone platforms. MOTORVISION GROUP also covers Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxemburg with service providers like Sky, Magenta, Prime Video, Zatoo, A1 and Blue Sport.

Do It Right ... Or Fail

The Player Base Is Small ...

The player base is minuscule when compared to the big eSports titles like Counter-Strike. Even the biggest titles struggle to get 1% of the players of the leading titles.

... The Potential Is Gigantic

On Facebook alone, there are 180,000,000 English speaking motorsport fans. If your strategy can not grow the sport with these fans, you are setting yourself up to fail.


Motorsport fans on Facebook

Unique Strategy Is The Key

GTR24H has a unique strategy and approach. We strive to turn fans of regular motorsport into followers of virtual racing.

Our strategy is built on industry-leading 16 years of experience as both virtual racing organizers and broadcasters.

Once you make your enquiry as a partner we will inform you of the details of our program and how we can tailor fit a solution for your needs.


Through the years we have worked with many partners ranging from multinational IT hardware manufacturers like AMD or Cisco, to local surveillance companies like Scanview. We have a wide array of experience in designing our services in marketing to fit the specific needs of our partners.

Total Viewership

The undeniable highest viewership in virtual racing

The combined viewership from ESTV, Motorvision and all Fast Channels are between 500,000 to 1 million for twenty-four-hour races and about 300,000 to 600,000 for twelve-hour races.

During a full six-race season, GTR24H generates in excess of 2.2 million viewers worldwide

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You should enter into business with GTR24H if you are looking for influence with otherwise hard to reach young adult men, and if your band will benefit from associating with teambuilding, concentration and putting in the effort to be the best in your niche.

The core values associated with virtual racing, are the same as real-life racing, but GTR24H provides a much more financially viable solution and we provide a younger and more digitally mature audience than traditional motorsports.

While others are failing to understand the core business of sim racing, with more than a decade of experience in eSports Racing, GTR24H can provide knowledge and a constantly growing marketing platform that is unique in the sport. You will not find a cheaper or faster-growing platform in any kind of sports for your brand to reach new customers.